“Take the MMIc” takeover


Memphis Music Initiative

A White Station quartet played a selection of pieces at a Memphis Music Initiative (MMI) fundraiser on Jan. 15. The students joined a number of other ensembles and individuals in showcasing the program and the hard work White Station’s own MMI fellow Marisa Polesky puts forth each week.

Along with a few others, White Station High has been one of the schools lucky enough to have a dedicated Memphis Music Initiative fellow, Marisa Polesky. The violinist works with both orchestras along with some chamber groups, helping to better round out and develop the school’s musicians. Recently, on Jan. 15, she took a quartet to perform a gig at an MMI fundraiser, Take the MMIc.

“It was really fun, they were providing snacks, we were just getting experience in the field,” Lily Zeng (11) said. “We practiced really hard for this day and it was just a good experience for our quartet.”

There wasn’t just a focus on the classical side of things, though. The event also featured vocal performances and a live band.

“We were just the background music while they were talking, eating, and hearing what their fellows had produced… We all got a lot of compliments, which was nice,” Zeng said.

Both the student and professionals present agreed that the night was a success, both in donations and fun.

“Everyone got to hear what their donations were going to, and like I said, it really was a lot of fun,” Zeng said.