The emo scene rejoices as My Chemical Romance reunites


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My Chemical Romance returns for a reunion concert. Pictured from left to right are Mikey Way(guitarist), Frank Iero(guitarist), Gerard Way(vocalist) and Ray Toro(bassist).

Welcome back to the black parade, Killjoys, a name denoted to My Chemical Romance’s fandom. Since their unexpected breakup in 2013, fans have anticipated and waited for their return. Many ask the question of why return now?

“A fun theory is of their major albums, ‘Danger Days’ had California 2019 on it; it’s 2019, and their concert is in California,” Delaney Beyer(11) said. 

Another prevailing theory is the Smashing Pumpkins theory, based on the breakup and reunion of one of MCR’s favorite punk band the Smashing Pumpkins. Theory said that Smashing Pumpkins broke up after 12 years of being together and then got back together after seven years. While this may not be the intention of MCR, this conspiracy proves true as MCR follows the same timeline. 

Despite the band’s long hiatus, their fandom has remained strong, averaging a total of seven million monthly streams on Spotify. Breyer believes this is due to the emotional pull of their music. 

“I still would have liked their music [even after the breakup] because something about it just draws you in, it makes you feel that angst, and forces you to let it out,” Breyer said. 

The reunion arouses lots of feelings of nostalgia, Delaney confesses. She reflects on her favorite song and album by them.

“‘I Don’t Love You’ is a song that connects with me really well: in my head, I’m really depressed, so the sadness of ‘I Don’t Love You’ really resonates with me. The colorful brightness and the fast drums of ‘Danger Days’ is my personality, like when I’m with my friends,” Delaney said, fitting the description of Danger days with her neon yellow pixie hair and heavy, black combat boots. 

 Fans have hope that the reunion is for longer than just a concert, they want new music. 

“Once they get back together, they will probably feel all the emotions of it and start writing more music together,” Breyer said. “But I don’t think they will do it for long because what they had before was perfect the way it was, and they don’t want to mess it up.”

Rather the reunion is one concert or permanent, members of the fandom unite to listen to the nostalgic sounds.