E-Board’s spooky Halloween tradition


Justin Kouch

Spooky baskets consisted of Halloween themed trinkets, sweets or anything else E-Board members thought each other would like. This basket was given to Justin Kouch (12), President of E-Board, by Ivy Qui (11), Commissioner of Publicity.

Secret Santa but Halloween style. Last year, White Station’s Executive Board started a tradition where each member secretly chose another member to gift them a “spooky basket.” It was created to be a bonding experience for White Station’s leaders so that they may lead the school the best they can.

E-Board members gathered at Bosses after school on Friday, Nov. 1, to have a meal together and to exchange their surprises.

“Spooky baskets was interesting because we didn’t know what we were going to get, and it allowed us to become a closer group of people,” Ivy Qui (11), Commissioner of Publicity, said.

This event also allowed members to take a break from school and gather together for non-student government purposes. It was a de-stressor activity that was needed by everyone on E-Board, especially since E-Board has been planning multiple activities for the student body.

“Exchanging spooky baskets was not only a fun way to celebrate [Halloween], but it was also a great bonding experience,” Amalie Vacanti (11), Vice President of Activities, said. “We were all able to learn about each other, and it’s nice to be able to do things that aren’t related to school events in order for us to feel more like a family.”

E-Board is planning more activities in the foreseeable future such as the blood drive, powderpuff, basketball homecoming and class service projects for all students.