College fair displays variety of options for upperclassmen


Annie Leow

At the college fair, students were able to put a face to their admissions counselors and gain a better sense of the types of schools they want to apply to. Although juniors will apply their senior year, they still benefit from the experience.

When you hear the phrase “college applications,” your reaction is typically one of two: stress or excitement. One way White Station has tried to ensure students feel the latter is the college fair.

A college fair is when numerous admissions counselors, recruitment officers and representatives from different schools visit to answer any questions juniors and seniors may have about their school or the admissions process. For White Station, this event took place on September 16 and featured a wide variety of universities from large state schools like the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and smaller, private schools, like Lipscomb University.

“The college fair gave me complete clarity and sanity during a hectic time. Representatives from schools helped me learn more about scholarship opportunities and ways to get involved,” Seth Khokhar (11) said. 

Khokhar’s sentiments about the college fair are mirrored in seniors, who have even less time to make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

“College fair was a really good opportunity to meet and learn about many different types of colleges. I pretty much know where I want to apply already, but it is still cool knowing that our school makes it easy for us to make connections with admissions counselors from a variety of colleges,” Sarah Pepperman (12) said. 

Whether they plan on staying close to home or venturing far away, the information shared at the college fair certainly give students an advantage when completing their applications.