Robotics club looks forward to new year of competition


Annie Leow

For last year’s FRC, Team 5045 built a robot to the theme of “Deep Space.” It was designed to place a “cargo” ball into the sides of a “rocket.” Their robot was, in fact, able to accomplish this.

“The spread of gracious professionalism to the next generation of STEM students.” 

This is how Jake Du (11), the head of Business, describes White Station’s Robotics Club. Ready to launch into their sixth year of working with the First Robotics Challenge, or FRC, their competitive team, Team 5045, met with new recruits on August 27 and August 29 to discuss the 2019-20 school year.

Team 5045 is split into different subteams with different leaders, including programming, design, building and marketing.

Andrew Chen (11) is the head of Programming, as well as captain of the team. At their interest meetings, Chen and Du described the ins and outs of robotics, including how the skills needed branch out to communications and teamwork, both of which come with experience.

This year, Team 5045 will spend the first semester of school, whic

Annie Leow
On August 29, experienced members of Team 5045 introduced their goals and achievements to peers who expressed interest in Robotics.

h is their off season, practicing and building robots in preparation for their competition season. This will be during the second semester, and they will have until March 13 to build a robot in compliance to a theme given by the FRC. 

With their first competition in Huntsville, Alabama, the team looks forward to putting their talents to use, and should they win, they will advance to Regionals. 

As they spend this coming semester putting in the hard work, Team 5045 strives to achieve their goal of creating a successful robot, and they welcome their newest members the same way they welcome the challenge.