Who to ask for recommendation letters and how



The Common Application is one of the more used platforms for applications, and many teachers will be able to submit their recommendations through this.

The process of applying to a college is daunting in and of itself. To make matters more difficult, students are required to risk a chance at getting into their dream college by putting their fate into the hands of another, specifically a teacher or counselor. With so much emphasis placed on the content of a recommendation letter, one can only hope that the person they choose to write it will have nothing but positivity to share. 

Guidance Counselor Tamala Brown-Malone shares her thoughts on the best strategy to use when asking for a recommendation.

“Definitely give them enough time, probably about four weeks. Ask them nicely, maybe with an email or a note. Go for someone you have a good rapport with, and after that, math and english classes, you know, core classes,” Brown-Malone said.

What is written in a letter of recommendation is a college’s chance to see what a student is like in a classroom through the eyes of a teacher; the purpose of this feedback is to give another perspective into the student’s application. This does not simply include academic record but also character, leadership skills, and outstanding qualities. They want to know if this student will make a stellar addition to their university or not. 

Seniors faced with the task of seeking a recommendation letter should take time to reflect on the way they have presented themselves in the past three years and choose wisely.