Fat Tuesday: French Club Style

As Fat Tuesday was fast approaching, teachers Madame Altman and Madame Seagraves were working hard to create a fun learning experience for the members of the French club. On March 4th, the French club held their annual Mardi Gras party. As the sound of French music floated through the room, students enjoyed many French foods as they made masks with vibrant colors and feathers. It’s a French tradition to wear masks to their Mardi Gras celebrations, or even hold masquerades.

Once all the masks had been set out to dry and all of the students bellies had been filled, a traditional French dance was projected on the whiteboard. Although the participants were shy at first, as the dance went on, one by one, they stood from their chairs and danced around the room.

After all of the festivities, the biggest part of Mardi Gras was finally upon them: King Cake. The students eagerly watched as the cake was cut, and quickly devoured it. All that was left was a few scraps and the feeling of true appreciation of French culture.