White Station Choirs gear up for concert in after school rehearsal


The combined choirs prepare for rehearsal.

In preparation for their concert on Dec. 4, the White Station choirs rehearsed after school on Thursday, Nov. 29. All five choir classes managed to fit in the cramped auditorium lobby where they practiced for an hour.

The collection of students previewed songs ranging from the famous Christmas song, “Silent Night,” to a Jewish anthem, “Jerusalem the Golden,” for their holiday concert.

With a large number of singers, a rehearsal is necessary in order for the concert to go smoothly.

“Based on the successful run-throughs during the rehearsal, I believe that the concert will be a big hit that will get people in the holiday mood, while showing the skill of our choir program,” Gino Giorgianni (10), a member of Chorale, said.

With just a couple of days left before the concert, the choirs will work to perfect their pieces and hope to do their best on Dec. 4 at White Station Middle School.