Students find success in building resumés before senior year

No matter your current stage in high school, now is the perfect time to start building your resumé. Whether it be for college, recommendations for a summer camp or for a job interview, it is important to be mindful of steps you should be taking in order to look impressive.

Maya Saxe (12) started building her resumé during her sophomore year, adding awards she won, clubs she was involved with and activities she participated in. By starting her resumé

early in her high school career, Saxe was prepared for college applications and recommendations without having to reflect back on everything she achieved over her four years at White Station.

“I believe [colleges] look to see that you have a depth of experience rather than a breadth of experience, so they would rather see that you’ve done one thing for a long time and that you’re good at it than if you experimented with a bunch of different things and you’re not particularly good at any of them,” Saxe said.

Colleges want to see students that are devoted and passionate about their activities, work, skills and hobbies. Saxe has expressed dedication and commitment by participating in Model United Nations for four years and Science Olympiad for three years, as well as acting and helping out in school plays for three years.

“You shouldn’t stress about [resumés] too much because there isn’t a specific format that they’re looking for,” Saxe said. “You’re more impressive than you think you are.”

Amanda Lui (11) has also had experience in making resumés for various job applications. Lui founded the White Station Asian Heritage Club in addition to volunteering for organizations such as UNICEF and tutoring at Kumon. She believes these experiences prove that she is responsible and gaining experience as a leader.

“Talking about your personality and what you do outside of school can give colleges a good insight on who you actually are,” Lui said.