JROTC spirit night helps bring battalion closer to fundraising goal

Rachel Parkinson
Spartan students enjoy a quick meal in support of JROTC students.

From the arts to academics to athletics, White Station has activities that fit just about any student that walk its halls. While this multitude of activities is beneficial for students, many school clubs and groups find it difficult to get the funds they need to support what they do. Fundraising is a major part of many extracurricular groups at White Station, and JROTC is no exception.

Creative fundraising is a skill that the Spartan Battalion has mastered. From car washes to Boo Grams, they raise money and make it entertaining. JROTC’s most recent fundraising effort was a spirit night at the Poplar Chick-Fil-A.

Johnnie Walton, sophomore Special Projects officer, helps organize most of the fundraising to help with the main event—an annual dance for Spartan JROTC members.

“Every year we host a military ball for everybody in ROTC, and it requires a lot of money for the venue and the catering and a DJ and everything,” Walton said.

While spirit nights and car washes have helped, JROTC is still working towards their goal with more fundraisers in the future like movie nights. All of the hard work and fundraising are worth it in the end, as the event has been described as a very fun night for the battalion in years past. Eleventh grader and Command Sergeant Major Ayaka Koga participated in the Spirit Night, and has enjoyed the military ball for the past two years.

“It’s a good social event for everyone,” Koga said. “It bonds a lot of people.”