Students determine football homecoming week themes


Charlie Huebner

Today, WSHS E-Board led a student town hall meeting to discuss the homecoming dress-up days for next week. The days include throwback day, twin day, meme/vine day, stereotype day, and green and grey day.

Friday evening, Spartan students convened in the auditorium to discuss dress-up themes for the upcoming Homecoming week, led by E-Board’s Vice Presidents of Activities, Ali Fowler (12) and Chinnu Alli (11),

Some students were upset about the list of days to choose from, although Alli and Fowler informed them that Mr. David Mansfield, White Station’s principal, and Mrs. Carrye Holland, White Station’s vice principal, had to approve the options prior to the Town Hall meeting.

“ I feel like some people thought it was unfair. I thought it was pretty fair,” Dylan Fuentala (11) said.

One of the issues during the meeting was the lack of a microphone, leaving students on the edge of their seats to hear. According to Alli, administrators would not provide E-Board with a microphone because the meeting was being held without the supervision of a sponsor.

“That was not planned. I thought that there would be a microphone, but it’s all right. I learned to adjust,” Alli said.

The biggest issue of the meeting was talking. Many times, Fowler, Alli, and several other E-Board members had to ask students to quiet down in order to get things done.

“I was a little annoyed, but it was to be expected, and there’s nothing you can really do in a big crowd,” Alli said.

Despite several issues and hard feelings, students settled on the following themes for the week of the Homecoming game: Throwback Day, Twin/Multiplicity Day, Meme/Vine Day, Stereotype Day, and Green and Grey Day.

These themes will be seen in action during the week of Oct.1-Oct.5.