White Station senior studying to be a registered nurse


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Technical school offers a variety of majors and career paths for students to choose from.

Meet White Station senior Jennifer Reynoso. Between her morning classes, afternoon vocational-technical school and work at night, she never has an idle moment.

Jennifer spends three hours each morning at Kingsbury High School’s career and technology center for vocational-technical school, where she takes the Health Science class.

Reynoso is planning on studying to be a registered nurse at Southwest’s Career Technology Center.

“Technical school will give me a great head start in life because I will go to school there for two years and then go to college to get certified as a registered nurse,” Jennifer Reynoso (12) said.

Reynoso aspires to work as a medical assistant prior to becoming a registered nurse to gain experience and knowledge for her future career.

Because it is so different from the traditional collegiate route, there is a stigma attached to technical school. However, many do not know the benefits it offers.

Technical school creates opportunities for students who want to study a particular program to get certified in their chosen field in only a span of two years. Students will typically attend a college after graduating from technical school.

“Many people think that just because technical school students learn how to do something in such little time, they are not capable of doing something right, or just because it is not a college some people think less of it,” Jennifer Reynoso (12) said. “Technical school is the best decision for some people.”

Vocational-technical school has been extremely beneficial to Reynoso, inspiring her to continue her technical school education this fall.

“Vo-tech is definitely a great head start for anyone that plans on going into the medical field or a STEM field. Vo-tech has a lot to offer.”