Meet your school nurse


A boy with a bloody nose. A girl with a headache. A student who is feeling sick. All of these people have one thing in common: they need to pay a visit to the school nurse.
“The school nurse? I didn’t even know we had a school nurse,” said Jackie Crislip (9).
Although most people are not aware of it, White Station High School does in fact have a school nurse. Her name is Katrina Moore, and her room is in the main office.
“I like helping people. It’s a good way to make a difference,” Moore said.
Moore has been a nurse for 20 years, but this is her second year working for White Station. She has worked in several other places before White Station, including a nursing home, jail and clinic. Moore formed a special connection with one child, whose parent wanted Moore to become his nurse. Because of this, Moore began working at White Station.
Moore finds her job at White Station enjoyable.
“I like the diversity, and because we are all made up different, our culture is different,” Moore said.
Moore works every school day so that she can be present in case of an emergency. On average, she sees about 25 students per week. However, she is not permitted to give them medicine, so she can only diagnose their problem and advise them on how they can get better. She is also there for mental support. Moore helps student deal with emotional pain as well as physical pain.