Students give an insight into their daily walks of faith

Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism. These religions may seem different on the surface, but at the core, each has its own way of impacting people. Students from all walks of faith are shaped by their religious views which help carry them throughout their lives.

For some, religion plays a powerful role in shaping identities.

“It [Christianity] is so fundamental to who I am that I don’t think I can separate it from my life anymore because how I make every decision is based on that. It’s literally how I get through the day,” Felicity Meadows (12) said.

Religion can also shape how one brings the values and principles to the forefront of their lives.

“I identify as Muslim, which has shaped my principals, my morals, my ethical values, and it has shaped how I live my day-to-day life,” Ahmed Motiwala (11) said.  

Each religion teaches different lessons which guide followers to make their own decisions on how they choose to view the world.

“We’re all just people. In that way it has shaped my morals and how I see things in the way that

I was taught Hinduism,” Ganga Pradeep (11) said.

As people grow, their views and values grow along with them. Vilinda Vo (11), who was raised Buddhist, is now agnostic.

“Changing my views has definitely impacted my life because now that I’m agnostic, I kind of expand and diversify my view on religion,” Vo said.

Some want to share what they have learned from their religion and work in places where people share similar values.

“I teach Sunday school to kindergartners at Temple Israel and lifeguard and referee at the Jewish Community Center,” Nathaniel Danziger (10) said.

Being part of a religious community shapes the way people see themselves and the world around them. People from all religions coming together to celebrate faith helps foster a better and more inclusive world.