Positivity around School


Annie Leow

Student Darya Orgil (10) reads an encouraging note on her locker.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it’s easy to feel like you’re just going through the motions at school, which is why we all need a pick-me-up to brighten the day. Between studies and other activities, certain Spartans have made their goal to create a positive environment at school, and people have noticed.

“If you have a cohesive group of people, then it’s gonna make the climate of this school more positive. And everyone knows that if you have a positive climate, then learning is gonna take place,” guidance counselor Mrs. Candace Smith said.

An anonymous student has found a positive way to use social media: Spartan Compliments. Spartan Compliments has a Facebook and Instagram page where students can send in anonymous compliments about their peers to be posted.

“It gives people an anonymous way to do something nice, and nobody knows it’s actually them they’re complimenting so they can basically like express anything they want, and it just makes somebody’s day go a lot better,” the student who runs the account said.

Other contributions to school positivity are the encouraging notes placed on lockers by students.

“The sticky notes on the lockers make me feel like I am welcomed in the school and help me keep my head up high,” freshman Kush Bhatia said, describing the notes as a nice welcome mat into high school.

Despite the busy bustling of school, these simple messages and actions, such as “Keep your head up” or “You’re doing great,” do not go unnoticed.