MEMPHO Music Festival Debut Success


Jessica Lam

The lead singer of Cage the Elephant, Matt Shultz, stuns the crowd with his vocals.

The lead singer of Cage the Elephant strips in the middle of the stage. The ear-shattering bass deafens the screaming crowd. MEMPHO, the first major music festival held at Memphis’ Shelby Farms Park, attracted thousands of fans on October 6-7. Kids, teens and adults soaked up the scenic atmosphere while they enjoyed exuberating musical performances. Many White Station students attended the event and loved the experience overall.
“It was loud and crowded, but a very energized atmosphere,” Josh Kouch (11) said. “People were having fun. I’ll remember why I only have half my hearing left.”
Memphis-based artists such as Stax Music Academy and Star & Micey performed at the venue, sparking a sense of Memphis pride.
“I’m very proud that we have something high-profile going on in the park,” White Station student Shelby Farms employee Kari Erickson (11) said. “It’s a really famous park as is, but having a big music festival is really nice.”
Shelby Farms is one of the 20 largest urban parks in the U.S. Spanning 4500 acres, it covers more than five times the area of Central Park.
2017 marks the first annual MEMPHO festival; there will be more to come. Students had thoughtful suggestions to enhance next year’s experience.
“Less expensive lemonade would be cool,” Erickson said. “Next year they could have a better lineup, but it’s great that Cage the Elephant came the first year.”
The festival is a memory that will be cherished for years to come.
“The energy that they had. You can’t beat the way the artists interacted with the audience. And Matt stripping,” Erickson said.
Just as the iconic Shelby Farms Greenline connects the heart of Memphis to various parts of the city, MEMPHO succeeded in connecting the community as one.
“The crowd was full of love and support where everyone could listen to music they love as a community,” Troy Lurie (11) said.