Marching band’s leadership revamped


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The fan-favorite halftime show at Friday night football games could never happen without the dedication and leadership of the White Station marching band. With c

hanges to leadership roles, the marching band progresses through their season under new, innovative guidance.

The audience may never know, but there are many challenges the marching band faces, ranging from simply choosing the color of bandanas to planning the entire halftime show. New leadership has taken on the role of making the marching band’s every decision. Trying to improve upon the band’s previous seasons, leaders work to encourage the players to strive for perfection and performance aspects.

Under the guidance of Brian Sims and drum line coordinator Quinton Johnson, the marching band has evolved their morale to progress the future of the program. This year’s leaders hope to improve the dedication, enthusiasm and passion for the group.

“The attitude of the overall program has changed. Our sound is better and our approach to playing is better” Sims said.

Tiana Ross (12) is the president of the marching band, essentially running the everyday tasks of band leadership, whether it be rehearsing music or planning for game-day. She only takes perfection, which improves the sound and dedication of the band.

“It’s the little things that add up slowly and slowly to make our band better overall,” Ross said.

In previous years, she felt she had been silenced by old leaders, so she wanted a platform to voice her ideas to show the group how they can improve in sound and drive. Her dedication is evident in the way she implements her new discipline and standards to help the band grow.

“I really care about our band and our band program,” Ross said.

She hopes to leave a legacy of sound, style, and progression for the future leaders to look back upon and learn from.

Leadership is not the only reason for the bands’ impr

ovement. Present players come in with more passion for band, resulting in a dynamic mindset of dedication to improve.

“There’s much more student involvement. [It is about] giving everybody a chance to have an equal voice,” Sims said.

Players are involved in every step of this year’s half-time show, a Prince dedication through song and dance each week. They help plan dance routines and choose music to play. Leaders collaborate to give everyone a way to voice their own ideas, just how Tiana wanted when she was just a player.

The marching band has seen a revival of dedication and leadership, which shows in the improvement of sound and coordination at Friday night football games. Come support the White Station football team and listen to the sounds of the marching band on Friday nights.

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Marching band’s leadership revamped