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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

A students guide to enjoying Memphis

A student’s guide to enjoying Memphis

Shania Moore, Layout Lead December 14, 2023

Overton Square - Overton Square, located in the heart of Memphis, is a vibrant and historic entertainment district known for its mix of restaurants, bars, theaters and shops. This cultural hub hosts...

 Kyra Richard (11) with makeup in the style of Shironuri. Richard has been doing this makeup style for the past two years.

Makeup artists at White Station

Lei'lah Stocklin, Writer December 2, 2023

Rathsathida Rasasack (12) has always done makeup, but recently started The Rassy Glamistry on Instagram where one can book her for a look this past September.  “I always did makeup for other people...

Cayenne Stephens (12) as Fleance is embraced by Lady Macbeth during the coronation party scene in Macbeth. The role of Fleance required many hours of practice to remember lines and stage direction, and to build chemistry with actors.

Cayenne Stephens’s journey through theater

Chase Pittman, Arts and Entertainment Team Leader May 19, 2023

The curtains go up, bright lights beat down on painted faces and Cayenne Stephens (12), prepares for another show. Theater has been a key passion of hers for a long time, and over the years, she’s had...

Summer entertainment in review

Summer entertainment in review

Renata Bayazitova and Chase Pittman, Social Media Team Leader, Arts and Entertainment Team Leader September 27, 2022

Stranger Things Season 4 It’s rare that a piece of fiction can find fans across generations, but the 80’s themed Netflix original Stranger Things has pulled it off. Set in Hawkins, Indiana the series...

Breyona Golden (10), Tamia Andrews (12) and Mikayla Lott (12) pose with a beautiful bouquet made by Kemm Browne’s functional skills class. As students with disabilities take the lead and put together multicolored roses, leafy stems and vibrant flowers, they develop responsibility and decision-making skills as well as spread joy within the White Station community.

Browne teaches how to give back through practical projects in functional skills class

Shania Moore, Writer May 17, 2022

Many students with disabilities struggle to learn things that others would consider easy. At White Station High School, the deaf and hard-of-hearing students are equipped with a functional skills class,...

Students from the Biology Research Club extract DNA from a strawberry as part of an experiment in Dr. Madu’s lab. Thanks to the money from recent grants, students have been able to conduct more advanced research than they would ordinarily be able to in high school.

The cost of learning: the funding behind White Station’s biology program

Chase Pittman, Writer April 4, 2022

New beakers, new batteries, new benches. For those who love science, the pursuit of knowledge often comes at a high cost–literally. In many cases, district funding can only go so far and grant money...

From glass to plastic, round to box, translucent to opaque, perfume and cologne come in many different shapes and sizes. With so much to choose from, its difficult to pick one, but this article outlines five easy steps to nosedive into the world of scent.

How to get into perfume and cologne in five steps

Aanya Kabra, Writer March 31, 2022

It is universally agreed upon that you should not wear the same outfit everyday. Some would take it a step even further and consider: why wear the same scent everyday? Challenging times from lack of...

This outfit is featured in the model Blumarine’s Spring 2022 collection, which includes Mariah Carey’s Y2K butterfly top. The designer, Nicola Brogano, seeks inspiration from Y2K icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

The resurgence of Y2K fashion in 2022

Aanya Kabra, Writer March 31, 2022

Low rise jeans, metallic colors, platform boots and funky jewelry. These early 2000s trends that were considered gaudy only a few years back have returned in full swing, embraced by Gen-Z. Many trends...

Introversion and extroversion are two psychological principles that describe how people act in certain situations. Knowledge of these personalities can be used to help people understand themselves and others.

Introversion vs. extroversion: how these psychological principles affect daily life

Kingston Barber, Viewpoint Team Leader January 27, 2022

Some may have only heard about extroversion and introversion in passing as a quirky conversation starter or some middle schooler’s brief obsession, but it is much more than that. It is a way to know...

Dahlia Townley-Bakewell uses Google Translate to help an Arabic-speaking student with his work. Since the beginning of the year, this student, who asked not to be photographed, has required the help of student-translators to understand complex math which can be difficult to translate.

Lost in translation: how a student is google-translating his way to academic success

Chase Pittman, Writer January 26, 2022

The student who is being tutored by Dahlia Townley-Bakewell opted to remain anonymous.   School is difficult enough for English-speaking students, but for those who are less proficient in English...

Alicia McGee holds up a personalized sign she gives her clients when they purchase their homes. McGee is a certified realtor in addition to an environmental science teacher.

Students and teachers get involved in the future of real estate

Hannia Antunez, news and features December 7, 2021

Whether it’s helping people sell their homes or helping them buy their dream house, real estate agents are an essential part of American life. Most of these agents are in the 30’s and 40’s age range,...

Grace Goodson (left front) and her co-worker at Baskin Robbins manage the cash register and display the day’s bounty. Freezers full of ice cream await their scooping and readiness to serve customers.

Fast food families

Alice Willard, Head of Layout December 7, 2021

Whether it be out of necessity or for enjoyment, many upperclassmen take on the responsibility that comes with starting their first jobs. Students like Ford Abney (12), who works at Torchy’s, start jobs...

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