More than a fad


Jada Akoto

Do Re He and Key of She member's afternoon practice.


Acapella has been in existence since the late 1800s, but has only recently gained a strong presence in mainstream media. After the wild success of the Pitch Perfect franchise and the group Pentatonix, acapella has been brought to the forefront of pop culture.

“Our groups represent originality.We’re not like everybody else,” Do Re He member Charles Seaton (11) said.

Choir directors Nikisha Williams and Joseph Powell both performed in acapella groups in college and felt it was time to bring this unique art form to their students. Williams was interested in forming an all female acapella group in the fall semester of 2014. When the group was formed, Key of She was a quick success, giving small performances at  lunch and gaining a large social media following. Eventually, boys in the choir program were interested as well and Powell, assistant choir director, began forming the all male group, Do Re He.

The first thing Williams and Powell looked for when picking this year’s  group,  was individual musicality. Musical training is refined in class in order to not waste time in after school rehearsals dedicated to practicing for gigs and competitions . Personality and performance ability were also factors when selecting members.

“I need people who are able to give me a show on stage and people who I want to watch,” Williams said.

Key of She and Do Re He have quickly gained recognition . Already, they have been invited by Deke Sharon, also known as the Godfather of Acapella, to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  The groups are also applying to compete in both national and international acapella group competitions.

These groups have worked hard to leave their mark, not only in White Station, but in the national and international community.

“Memphis is known for music. A lot of times it has a specific blues genre, so we want to make it known acapella is here,”  Key of She member, Morgan Lumpkin (12) said.

These performers have showcased an array of genres, from mainstream pop to sacred music. These genres reflect the members of the group, because of their strong diversity and how they are able to come together and show off their unique skills. No matter what these acapella groups perform, they a sure to leave an impression on  any audience.  da