KC Caldwell: a vocal prodigy

The school year is coming to an end, and as many seniors begin to look to what their futures may hold, many are left to decide what to major in. But for senior KC Caldwell, this won’t be a problem.
Caldwell is an active member in Chorale, the top choir ensemble at White Station, and has been a part of the program since her sophomore year, something rather unusual for an underclassman. Recently, she was seen as the lead Carmen Diaz in White Station’s production “Fame”.
However, Caldwell’s passion for music and the arts began long before her high school career. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved music…My mom used to tell me stories about when I was little; I guess it’s always been there,” Caldwell said.
Caldwell first became a vocal performer when she was a student at Richland Elementary. Her years at Richland pin-pointed her passion for singing above all other arts she had encountered.
“I used to be into the whole shebang. I used to really like musicals. Then I started going to Richland Elementary, and they had a choir program, so I developed into more of a singer. The dance options weren’t really there,” Caldwell said.
Throughout high school, Caldwell has made no shortcoming of her passion for music. As a freshman, Caldwell joined the vocals of Eclectic Soul, a jazz band that ended after former White Station band director Chuck Wright left.
Because of these experiences, Caldwell has decided to major in vocal performance at University of Memphis and to minor in business or accounting.

“It’s nerve-wracking, because a lot of people choose to major in vocal performance, but not a lot of people actually get anything out of it. They get a degree out of it, but job wise, it’s really hard to find something with a vocal performance major,” Caldwell said.
We are constantly told to “chase our dreams.” But few of us actually go and do that. Too many of us go on to become doctors, lawyers or something lucrative our parents want us to be. That is why it’s so refreshing to see Caldwell pursue music, but of course, she’ll always have a backup (business).
“If you strive to succeed there is no way you will fail. But make sure you have a backup plan, and make sure to focus on your studies.”