One Acts

Mark your calendars, everyone. It’s time for the annual senior one-acts.

You’ve probably heard of them, seen the posters, or have a friend acting in one. The senior one-acts are right around the corner, and your fellow classmates are busier than ever to get a good show ready for you.

If you have ever been in a show, you know what’s put into it: the costumes, the makeup, the rehearsals– the dedication. But few of us know what it’s like to be on the director’s side.

For many years now, White Station’s Play Production class has been directing senior one-acts that are performed in a winter show. Between the actors, rehearsals and technicalities, these directors have put their sweat and blood into these one-acts.

“I’m most nervous [that] we will not get it all done in time,” Zoe Gresham (12) said.

Timing is everything. With only a few weeks to direct a one-act, many directors are forced to work around different schedules in order to create efficient rehearsal times.

While learning to manage their time wisely, students in Play Production are also learning how to interact with others as leaders.

“Everyone has different learning abilities. You have to do hands on stuff and actually show visuals and then you have to also listen to your cast’s feedback…It’s a give and take situation,” said Lymonté Thomas (12).

Besides the draining time commitment, endless rehearsals, conflicting schedules and all that theater drama we love, many directors see the one-acts as more than just a chance to put on a great show.

The students in Play Production have a mission to expand the theater world.

“[It’s important to] be open when you’re casting, and don’t be so closed minded…It’s more about getting people involved in theater,” Gresham said.

It all comes down to January 27. All of the blocking, tips, makeup and costumes will be put to the test. From the lighting booth these directors will be analyzing each line, each audience interaction and each actor’s every step.

Whatever fate may decide on the night of their one-acts, all the directors can do is rehearse as much as possible and pray for the best. So come out and see some tear jerking, and some slapstick hilarious shows featuring and being directed by your fellow classmates. You won’t regret it.