Symptoms of being a senior

Symptoms of being a senior

Dear Juniors,


Congratulations! You are over halfway done with high school. As you transition into your senior year, we seniors have some wisdom to impart to you.


1. Senior year is hard. Everyone said it was the easiest one, but they lied. Not only do you have a regular high school workload, you also have college decisions and life planning. These debacles will lead you to questions such as “What is my life?” “What are my interests?” and “How much money do I have?” We recommend a daily dose of chocolate and breathing into a paper bag when your inevitable existential crisis ensues. Have fun.


2. Senioritis is a serious affliction. I know you think you are immune. But you are not. Our only advice is to pick and choose your moments of apathy to anything school-related.


3. Side effects of senior year also include nostalgia and sentiment. Even though you’ve complained about high school for three years, you’ll develop a sudden fondness for this institution.


4. Lack of sleep also happens. This is due to school work but also crippling doubts about your future.


5. You may experience a sudden burst of confidence. Go with it! Strut your senior pride because you are the top dog now. Take that, underclassmen.


6. Wrapping yourself in copious amounts of tissues, blankets, and possibly bubble wrap will help you cope.


7. You get perks! Senior out to lunch, senior picnic, senior swag days: because you’re worth it.


8. Don’t get too cocky. You are still a child. You cannot defy the man (yet). Don’t do anything dumb or illegal or stupid and get expelled. YOU’RE SO CLOSE, DOOFUS.


9. Stress eating is a thing. Little known fact: the infamous college “Freshman Fifteen” actually starts in senior year.


10. In all sincerity, just have fun and be yourself and make good grades and don’t stress out about your future and make good life choices and be a Spartan and enjoy your very last year of high school. You will go on to do brilliant things, but don’t forget to live in the present.


Godspeed, juniors.



Aston and Isabelle

Senior Year Experts