Can we go thrift shopping?

In case recent years thrift shopping has become an acceptable outlet for clothing among teenagers. A few years back, kids would have been ridiculed for shopping at stores like Goodwill, but today, people envy $0.99 sweaters.

Though there are many different views on what is in style, one of the most popular fashion perspectives is the vintage look, only achieved with clothing from thrift stores.

Senior Catherine Chang said, “I like that originality of [thrifted clothing], because it’s one of a kind.”

When Chang first started thrift shopping, she used to go every weekend. Now she goes less often because she ended up spending all of her money, despite the low prices.

Chang and junior Kelsey Bowen both said that there are always random deals; however, holidays and off seasons are the best times to go thrift shopping because stores are restocked and have really good sales.

All around Memphis and its suburbs, there are plenty of thrift stores. Bibles for China, Goodwill and Salvation Army are popular. However, both Bowen and Chang agree that all the thrift stores on Summer Avenue, such as City Thrift and Mid-South Outlet,  are the go-to locations to really experience thrift shopping.

At thrift stores you can find everything from old household appliances to tacky Christmas sweaters. Thrift shopping is a creative, cost-efficient way to create costumes and crazy outfits for both homecoming week and your day-to-day attire.

Generally, Bowen and Chang both do not mind wearing others’ clothes because it is much cheaper.

“Once you wash it, it’s yours,” said Bowen.

But Bowen and Chang avoid all types of undergarments, hats and shoes, because they feel these items are just disgusting to wear after someone else.

The biggest tip that Chang gives for novice thrifters: “You have to be in mood [to thrift] or else you’re just looking through dirty clothes.” She feels that you cannot just decide to go thrifting; you have to actually want to find something valuable.

“Keep an open mind, because you’ll never know what gems you’ll find,” Bowen said.