White Station represented at the JROTC knowledge bowl


Caroline Gamble

Kahdeja Scott (12), Kristen Williams (12), John Varriano (11), Vienetta Davis (11), Jessica Harrison (12)

“No one has as much heart as White Station,” said Joseph Asemah (11). 

Congratulations to White Station’s JROTC, who brought home seven medals from the Boards, an annual citywide knowledge bowl for JROTC students.

Kristen Williams (12) earned the top honor of being ranked Corps Commander. Khadejah Scott won $500 from the American Military Society. Other winners include John Varriano, Jessica Harrison, and Vienetta Davis. Corps is the final round; students compete against other Memphis JROTC students. “They did an outstanding job,” said Sargent Meyers. .

ROTC’s motto is “Do your duty and your best. You should never do more and never do less.” A winning spirit and intense preparation guaranteed a good outcome. Winners said they started intense preparation before winter break. They are tested through three rounds of interviews. Questions ranged from general knowledge to ROTC curriculum to current events. Williams said she was asked to recite the pledge of allegiance. Sergeant Major Edward Mitchell, lead military personal, made a guest appearance to support the future of military.

The Battalion Board was a home versus home match; 17 students placed. The Brigade Board featured White Station’s own brigade versus the other three brigades of Memphis. Ten Spartans moved on to the city-level competition, and the final six all earned the rankings Cadet Colonel.