Senior Highlights

What’s some advice you would give to underclassmen?

“Have fun and live in the moment. Before you even realize, it’ll be over!” Eli Cruthirds said.

What’s one big thing you have learned about yourself in your senior year?

“I learned that it’s very easy to get too comfortable with the way things are,” Gordon Brode said.

What was the hardest class you have ever taken at WSHS?

“The hardest class I’ve taken is definitely AP Bio. Dr. Madu challenged us with a heavy workload and very hard tests, but it all made me a better student,” Darryl Higgins said.

What’s something you’ll miss about White Station?

“I’ll miss playing in my string quartet. Everyone in the group is so different, but our personalities really makes the music come to life. We’ve grown close, especially as the pandemic has given us more free time. When I leave, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye,” Zoe Wolfe said.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

“[My] favorite teacher would have to be Ms. Pryor. I was going through a lot the last semester of junior year, and she helped me deal with it. She also works next door to my job, so I see her every now and then,” Xavier Norman said.

What was one of your most favorite white station memories and why?

“One of my most favorite memories at White Station was playing soccer in the championship against Houston. We had worked so hard to get there—and we had the biggest student section ever. The support from the student section made the game so fun! We had the biggest student section ever in my four years of playing for [White Station],” Emma Meadows said.