Fans in the stands


It is all across America. From football to soccer to basketball, it is the place to be. Everyone pushes and shoves to get a spot on its front row. Sometimes there are arguments over seniority versus freshmen just for the “best” spot on the bleachers. But despite where you might end up, the goal of the night for the students is all the same. What is it? The student section.

The point of the student section is not to argue over a certain spot, but to cheer your team on to victory. The Spartan Spirit Squad, created by White Station senior Chloe Haynes, has made it a goal to enhance the energy and unity of the student section. Three other seniors, Lily Walker, Halle Browne, and Ashton Toone, have also joined Haynes to help keep the Spartan spirit at games alive. The spirit squad has made theme nights, such as a “white-out” for the students. Chloe Haynes said,

“I like the unity of the student section. We normally have a physically unified student section in that we try to all wear the same color. The student section is also very unified because we’re all there for one purpose- to support our team and our school.”

The members of the club are also encouraged to start cheers in the crowd to keep the energy positive.

This positive energy gets the students in the student section involved. Loud, rowdy, unity

and exciting are all terms frequently associated with the White Station High Student Section.

“It’s nice how we come together and get along as a whole, creating the school’s unique chants, and making memories that’ll last.” said Stegen Burkett(12).

The best part of the student section is the memories that are being created. Whether the game is at Christian Brothers High School or the Fairgrounds, there is never a dull moment. At the end of the night, win or lose, each student goes home with a memory for a lifetime. Whatever unique experience happens in the student section, you remember it forever.

So, what does “turn down for what?” even mean? Come stand in the student section at the next game, and the answer will be obvious.