D’vyne Bean’s journey into the music industry


D'Vyne Bean

D’Vyne Bean (10) poses for the camera for her Instagram page, @divinely_goddess. She promotes financial independence and recently released music.

Music is a hobby for many, an existence for some and a home for few. For D’vyne Bean (10), it’s a lifestyle. 

Bean has always been a creative spirit, and the music was a part of her blood. Soon enough, she began to create professionally. 

“Creativity, music, and dance were all a part of my spirit, my soul, and my well-being as a person,” Bean said. “I started out making beats on my phone at 10 years old. I had my performance in Memphis the day after my 14th birthday and that day changed my life. I decided then I would take this seriously.”

In order to create music, one must be inspired. This inspiration can come from real-life experiences or simple pleasures. Bean uses this as an outlet for her thoughts.

“I write what I feel. I find ways to translate my feelings, experiences, and situations into art. I keep it as authentic as possible,” Bean said, “Not only does that push the brand, but it’s a big part of me as a person. It’s me, and nobody can take that away from me. That’s the beautiful thing about music.”

Music means something different to everyone. Bean classifies her music as a combination of styles.

 “My brand is connected to genres,” Bean said. “When you hear D’vyne, there are different alternate egos and personas that come with that name. It’s connected to rap, hip-hop, r&b, jazz, somewhat funk. I would label it as the culture of my background. It’s connected to my history and ancestors along with today’s day and age.”

Not only does Bean’s music capture her persona; it impacts her listeners.

“I really feel empowered because it’s a different type of music,” LaBron Pritchard (11) said, “It’s not just up-beat; it connects with your spirit.” 

“Her music is so down to earth and it’s raw. She doesn’t beat around the bush and I like that,” Amaya Wright (10) said.

Bean’s years of hard work paid off when she became the youngest signed with Bentley Records on Nov. 26, 2020.

 “It was really exciting for me,” Bean said. “Even just to get an artist development deal and be able to partner with a label is very credible. What they do has a great reputation. It was a beautiful thing for me as a creator.”

With this exciting news, Bean has an array of plans for her future in the music industry. 

“One of my dreams is to be the youngest black woman to ever headline Coachella,” Bean said,  “I also want to progress in my music production company. I plan to perform at major events for independent artists as well.”

D’Vyne has now released numerous amount of music including singles such as “Blueberry,” “Eyes Open” and “WHEN THEY SEE US,” all of which are available on Spotify. From her experiences, she has plentiful wisdom for newer artists.

 “Go with what your heart is telling you, take the time to learn the logistics, and stay true to yourself,” Bean said. “Collaborate with other people and do your best to connect.”