Smart is sexy

The naked truth

We all want someone who is sexy. Heck, we all want to be sexy.

So what is sexy?

When you hear the word sexy, what comes mind? Jay Johnson (12) said, “Nice figured woman, bikini, short dress.”

And Sydney Shelby (10) said, “Jawline, dark hair, cheek bones, green eyes.”

Obviously, the physical form of sexy is unique to each individual.

Yet when asked for what they find sexy in a partner, the description is completely different.

Johnson said, “[Someone who can] carry on conversation and is caring.”

Funny. And you can talk to them notstupidly,” said Shelby.

You may associate the word “sexy” with a beach full of bikini clad women, or the McDreamies and McSteamies of the real-world fighting over who’s more manly (and, yes, maybe that wouldn’t be so awful to watch).

But not everyone agrees. “I find blatant displays of testosterone to be very uncomfortable, but kindness and common sense and proper English are sexy,” said Kayla Beckham (11).

Actor Ashton Kutcher put it quite nicely: “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart.”

Kutcher’s use of the word “smart” does not mean IQ or grades, but rather, as Breawna Barnes (12) put it, “Being confident and sure of what you are trying to convey to other people.”

To me, sexy is personality and intelligent conversation. Don’t call me during summer break and make animal noises on the phone (this did actually happen). Some people may find monkey noises attractive; I don’t.

And that’s the beauty of sexy – it’s unique to each person. You can’t define it, because what may intrigue you might turn off someone else.

Sexy isn’t just physical. And more and more people are coming to realize this. Look at the popularity of TV shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, or movies such as No Strings Attached.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who makes you laugh and can hold a conversation than someone who just has abs?

Then again, we are teenagers. We are hormone-crazed creatures with many misconceptions about life, and understanding sexiness is just another one.

But we are still totally entitled to our own premature opinions. Personally, I’d rather see the Doctor in a bowtie than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. Though Channing Tatum in a bowtie wouldn’t be that bad either.