A unique senior season cut short

Thursday, March 12, 2020 was a strange day. Strange, in that no senior in the Shelby County school district knew that it was their last day of high school. Once that realization settled as COVID-19 progressed nationwide, it stung for those seniors. But it really stung for one senior in particular, a lone soldier on a diamond-shaped field, Austin Moore (12). 

What was supposed to be Austin’s final season as a pitcher for White Station’s varsity baseball team never saw the light of day.

“It hurt. Realizing I wouldn’t be able to have a senior season. Senior night was one of the things I was really looking forward to. And not being able to lead the young guys during this year’s season hurt pretty bad,” he said.

Austin had a unique situation awaiting him this season: he was going to be the only playing senior on the team. With that, he had unique expectations.

“My expectations for me this season were to increase my velocity and perform the best that I could and lead that team. I expected a rough start but throughout the season, [but] we would grow as a team and perform better,” he said.

Despite a disappointing ending to high school baseball, Moore has his eyes on college ball. But he’s not stepping foot on that trail without leaving words of encouragement to his teammates.

“Keep your heads up. Always play the game hard. Leave everything on the field. Come out every day ready to work and grind. And I love you guys,” he said. 

And to his coaches, he leaves nothing but heartfelt gratitude.

“Coach Walter, Coach Dosi, Coach Harry, Coach Pratt, it goes beyond words how grateful I am for y’all. I’ve learned so much from each of you individually, and I look forward to coming back to see y’all again,” he said.

For Austin Moore, a memorable was abruptly cut short, but a new journey lies just around the corner.