All-West auditions end with success


White Station Band members and West Tennessee Band members alike warm-up before their auditions. “I did feel nervous auditioning. It’s something you have to do to understand, but you know you’re trying to put your best foot forward,” Darryl Higgins (11) said.

All-West, a prestigious performance program instructing band and orchestra students in West Tennessee schools, has many of White Station band members frequently and intensely practicing. Many band members dream about making All-West, and for the most talented, this dream becomes reality. 

Joshua-James Clayton (12), a saxophone player, has made All-West in the past and this year as well. Despite having success in All-West, he finds it to be an incredible opportunity. 

“It’s a very humbling experience, especially if you have practiced. It [is] a great way to show off the hard work you’ve put in,” J.J. Clayton (12) said. 

When auditioning, the process can seem nerve-wracking and intense. You have only one chance to make a good impression to the judges, and if you mess up too many times, it’s game over.

“I definitely feel nervous every single time…no matter how much time you put in there’s always room for error,” Clayton said. 

With all the hours of hard work and the worries when auditioning, a select few people get into All-West. Darryl Higgins (11), a trumpet player making All West, feels encouraged and inspired by his recent accomplishment.

“It feels very good [making All-West], and it reassures me that I’m good at this, this is something I can keep doing and continue doing in the future,” Higgins said.