Spartans host can drives to help the community

Many clubs held different can food drives to help the community for the holidays.

Many clubs held different can food drives to help the community for the holidays.


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During this time around the holidays, many people have to deal with the struggles of keeping warm, safe, and full. White Station High School students decided to help those by holding can drive throughout the school. 

DECA held a can drive that lasted from November to December. They let all students at WSHS be able to donate can foods of any kind. Destiny Street (10) thought that is was very exciting. 

“I love being able to give back to the community. Just the littlest thing can help somebody,” Street said. 

There were many can drive stations to donate boxes around White Station High School. Many students brought in a lot to help people. All types of can foods were donated to the community from White Station High School. 

“When I heard that we could donate cans for people, I immediately knew that I was going to help those in need,” Street said.  

Many students participated due to their classes and teachers encouraging them to participate. Street bought in many cans to help support her class and get people to do the same. 

“I just kept bringing cans because I didn’t want to waste them so I just gave them away to somebody that needed them a lot more,” Street said. 

Students were very invested in the can drive by bringing many cans for the people. The cans were donated to the shelter for people who could use to take home and eat over the holidays. 

“The smallest thing can help anyone in need,” Street said.