Freshman coat drive a success

The Freshman Class wrapped up their service project on the last day before winter break. The Freshman Class President, Amyah Wright (9), and Vice President, Alexandra Shirley (9), decided to run a clothing drive in the weeks leading up to the end of the first semester. 

“We made a poll and decided that donating to a homeless shelter would be really helpful for Memphis and more straightforward to organize,” Shirley said.

They decided to donate to Constance Abbey, a community center located in the Memphis medical district. Constance Abbey conducts various ministries within their neighborhood, including the distribution of goods to the needy. They also hold worship services regularly, connecting members of their surrounding area with one another. 

Shirley and Wright promoted the drive by posting about it on social media and making announcements. The officers even received help from some of the Freshman teachers.

“We worked with the teachers to give extra credit to the students who donated and put up flyers in the freshman building. We worked especially closely with Mr. Bateman.” Shirley said. 

The drive was effective, with students and teachers bringing in warm goods ranging from coats to sleeping bags. “The project ended up being really successful and we got a large number of 9th graders to participate,” Shirley said.