Diversity of a lifetime

The unheard of transpired at White Station High School during the 2019 Football Homecoming for senior Brandon Allen (12), but this should not distract from the diversity of the entire court. 

This specific Homecoming Court has set a new standard for diversity, with representatives from virtually every race, gender and sexual orientation at White Station. For example, Manar Aldosh (12) was the first Muslim girl to be on Court.

“I always admired White Station for its diversity, and just being up there representing my race made me feel so proud and ecstatic,” Aldosh said. “… I made my family, friends, administrators, and my Muslim school family proud. I did this for us– all of the beautiful Muslims out there.”

Aldosh was also the first member to be escorted by a police officer.

“I decided to walk with Officer LaFrancine Bennett because she is like a mother figure for me… She is always there to help me whenever I need it and helps me get through the hard times,” Aldosh said. “I did not walk with a guy with respect for my religion, so I decided to walk with her instead.”

Despite their differences, all court members supported each other throughout the process.  

“One thing I noticed that I will never forget is how all of us had each other’s backs. We were practically strangers in the school. We were from all different grades, backgrounds… [and] all different styles,” Emma Meadows (12) said. “But as we were getting ready in the locker room for the pep rally, I will never forget how we all ran around finding things for each other; we were lending makeup, gave walking tips and hyping each other up.” 

One court member assisted the planning of homecoming and recognizes the rarity of such diversity.

“The students voted to make the court diverse; the students voted to make Brandon Allen Homecoming Royalty. This year’s Homecoming Court is one that’ll go down in history, and I’m so honored that I was part of it,” Molly Yuan (11) said. “There was definitely magic in the air that night.”

Of course, there is the queen himself, Brandon Allen, the first gay male to be crowned Homecoming Royalty.

“It is an honor to represent and be a symbol… White Station High School is the Queen when it comes to diversity. I love that I am apart of an exceptionally wonderful and diverse school,” Allen said.

The members did not win just for themselves; they won for the whole school. 

“I may not have won homecoming queen, but deep down inside, I feel like I did. I won Homecoming Court and did what I planned to do which was to represent and stand for all of us beautiful Muslims out there,” Aldosh said.