Scribbler Kicks off Its First Coffee House of the Year


Katie Lamm

White Station students do the motions to the famous song “YMCA’ while the group preforming leads them.

Filled with performances, food and blankets, the first Coffee House of the year started with around 60 people attending. 

Coffee House is an open mike night run by the Scribbler, a club that has been running for 60 years. They are held in the auditorium on Friday nights almost every month. Scribbler has a theme for each Coffee House, the first of which was “High School Musical: The Boys are Back” to kick off the new year. The auditorium stage was decorated with red streamers, balloons and confetti to fit the movie’s look.


“…I thought there would be fewer people, but there’s a lot more which is good,” Dottie Young (10) said. “So I’m hoping more people will come next time.”


The night was filled with entertainment from jokes and stories that made people laugh to song covers that made people sing along. Conner Coady (10) said that his favorite performance was not his own, but his fellow staff member D’vyne Bean’s (9) performance.


Bean became a staff member of Scribbler this year. She sang a cover and rapped an original song that night, both receiving cheers from the audience. 


“I wanted to expand my horizons,” Bean (9) said. “I wanted to step into something that spoke true to me and an art and literary magazine really fits me as an introvert.”  


Scribbler not only hosts Coffee Houses but also creates an Art and Literary Magazine at the end of each school year. As Bean said, it is another option to show others your talent if you do not want to perform.  


“The environment is amazing,” Bean said. “It gives people a chance to express themselves with no judgment and it’s really helping people stay out of their comfort zone.”