Softball team prepares for successful season


Andrea Brimhall

Andrea Brimhall (12) is up to bat in a game against Whitehaven High School. Brimhall is a four year member of the team, and she shows strong leadership and dedication to the sport.

With the chilliness beginning to fade and the winter sports finishing out their seasons, Spartans welcome back the heat and the spring sports that come with it. This year, the White Station High School Softball Team is prepared to put in a season full of hard work and dedication to the sport.

Led by Coach Bob Alberson and Captain Lucie Falcasantos (12), the team is composed of 21 ladies, 16 of which are returning players from last season. With the experience of the returning players plus the addition of five motivated freshmen, this close-knit team is excited to see what the season holds.

“I think the team has the potential to do really well this season, as long as we stay focused and driven,” Falcasantos said. “Our schedule is a little more challenging this season, so record wise, our season might be rocky, but playing challenging teams will only help us improve.”

As far as competition goes, the team is preparing to face their more challenging opponents such as Whitehaven High and non-conference teams such as Collierville and Houston High. Players have an abundance of personal goals to achieve this season, as well as collective team goals. Some of these goals include winning the district championships for the second year in a row and improving their record from last year, 17-10.

“One goal I do have for this season is to better myself as a player, as a teammate, and for our team to continue to work together with positive attitudes and dedication,” Cailey Nix (10) said.

With a positive mindset and dedication to the sport, these ladies are bound to have a strong 2019 season.

“I personally think that mindset is the biggest component of the game,” Falcasantos said. “No matter how fundamentally sound you are, if you do not have a sound and positive mindset, you will struggle to excel.”