How to apply for college

Since August, seniors have been expecting the rumored stresses of college applications. As the weeks progress and agendas fill with homework and extracurricular activities, deadlines become imperative to ensure acceptance into college.

White Station’s school counselors said, “The goal of college is to align yourself with the job that you will enjoy.” They emphasize the need to research based on your interests to determine what school offers the best options for you.

Maintain communication with your counselor. You should provide them with letters written by your parents and yourself, giving different perspectives on your personality and ideals. For deadlines, counselors suggest that you “do your research because every school has different dates.” Submit teacher recommendation requests and transcript requests.

Making a good impression

Colleges and universities are looking for demonstrated interest. Students should attend official visits and tours and communicate with admissions to prove their curiosity in a school. Résumés should include activities both within and outside of school, whether White Station clubs and teams or work and community involvement. In terms of essays, the counselors said, “Make sure you’ve had them proofed, re-proofed, and proofed again.”


Because college is such a significant investment, it should be a family choice. The schools themselves often offer the best scholarships. Numerous websites can help locate other scholarships, but be wary of sites that require fees for their services. Guidance advises that “you should pay for nothing.”

School counselors’ advice

In your college applications, include “something that sets you apart,” said counselors. In addition, you should continue “maintaining good grades, and be who you are, [not becoming] less of a student and less active.”

Counselors’ deadlines

If your materials are for:

Notify your counselor by:

Early Decision, Early Action, or Early Notification

October 4

November 1

October 14


November 4


December 1


January 6

*Note that counselors take their breaks during school holidays and will not be able to complete requests at those times.