Lady Spartans’ Volleyball Victory over SBA


Frankie Barczak

Lady Spartan’s Varsity team meet for a huddle to boost morale in the middle of the fourth set.

Even with the disadvantage of being on someone else’s court, the Lady Spartans secured a win.

In the freshman game, the first set was won by the Spartans with Alice Willard (9) serving the winning point and the final score being 25-16. In the second set, SBA had the upper hand for the majority of the game.

White Station got the ball back with a score of 21-20. Sydney Thornton (9) served until the end of the set, leading to a win for the Lady Spartans.

“We all worked really hard and came together to pull through,” Thornton said after winning the game 25-20.

The Junior Varsity team played next. The Lady Spartans lost the first set by a score of 25-12. In the second set, the SBA Tigers dominated the court until the Spartans tipped the ball in order to get possession when the score was 6-10.

After putting up a fight to get back into the game, a serve by SBA ended the game, resulting in a 20-25 loss for the JV Lady Spartans.

“My ladies fought really hard and did their best and left it all out on the court” JV player Amarie Raymond (10) said.

In the Lady Spartans varsity game, White Station struggled early, losing the first set 17-25. Moving into the second set, the Lady Spartans took early control of the ball, starting off 13-7. Spartan Devyn Davis (11) scored the winning point with a tip that won the set 25-18. With five minutes left in the game, the score was 22-24 with SBA in the lead.

SBA scored the final points winning the set 22-25. The Lady Spartans won the fourth set 25-18, and barely won the fifth and tie-breaking set, which is played to 15, with a score of 15-13.  

The Lady Spartans’ teams claimed victories over SBA, and varsity will head to Franklin, TN for the Willco Tournament September 14th-16th.