Close game at Christian Brothers results in Spartan defeat


Sloan Huebner

Dodging a tackle, Eli Neal (12) makes a break for the endzone against Christian Brothers.

The rivalry between Christian Brothers and White Station has always provided memorable and exciting games, and tonight’s did not disappoint. Coming into the game, linebacker Daniel Gwin (10) knew what it would take to beat the Purple Wave.

“It’s going to take teamwork. Everyone’s going to have to make plays,” Gwin said.

Though the Spartans started the game with a quick seven points, they ended the first half trailing 21-7 as a result of many turnovers.

After the break, the mistakes were instead forced by White Station. A fumble recovery by White Station led to a touchdown, and an interception in the Brothers’ endzone halted a potential touchdown drive.

In the final six minutes, the Spartans looked to tie the game. Facing 4th and 3, quarterback Drew Lyons (12) found wide receiver Roshon Williams (12) for a fresh set of downs inside the redzone. Then, on a crucial 4th and 1, Eli Neal (12) found the end zone. After a missed extra point and penalties against White Station on defense, the Brothers scored again, pushing the game out of reach at 28-20.

Despite leaving with a 0-3 record, tonight’s game showed White Station’s potential in that the loss was not as severe as many had assumed.