Multisport athletes manage lifestyle through hard work

Micah Breckenridge (12) attempts a field goal during a playoff game against Germantown High School. Breckenridge has played both football and soccer throughout most of his high school career.

8 million. Nearly 8 million students in the United States choose to commit their limited time and energy to playing a sport during high school. They dedicate hours to time on the practice field, months to perfecting technique and years to creating bonds with their teammates. But out of those 8 million students, a few White Station seniors choose to spend their time playing multiple sports: a more intense and, according to them, an immensely rewarding experience.

For Jamie Baroff (12), a member of the volleyball and lacrosse teams, one of the most challenging experiences has been balancing commitments to both teams and clubs in which she participates.

“It’s definitely helped me with time management,” Baroff said. “I really have to focus on everything as I’m doing it, and I can’t really procrastinate even though sometimes it happens.”

For others like Greg Williams (12), a football, basketball and track star, the busy schedule is all he knows.

“After you have done it for a while, you get used to the schedule, and your friends and family all buy in and get on the same page you are on,” Williams said. “My life most definitely never gets boring.”

This experience has made them accountable to large groups of people, and they have enjoyed bonding with those around them over the years.

“I’ve gotten to meet some really cool people, and I’ve been around some really good coaches,” football and soccer player Micah Breckenridge (12) said, “so that was a benefit that I could build a relationship with them.”

It has also taught Breckenridge to be empathetic with people when they have their own problems.

“When someone else has a conflict, I become more patient and understanding because I have the same thing going on,” Breckenridge said.

Between training schedules, practices and games, the lifestyle is not for those who value leisure time. Being a multisport athlete is for those who attack every challenge with determination and a positive attitude.

“You have to have heart to do what I do,” Williams said, “and you have to be willing to put everything on the line to be the best.”