Getting paid in the summer rays

During summer vacation, there are family vacations, summer camps and trips with your friends. But there are also weeks you sit at home in front of the TV for hours at a time.  However, you could be productive… you could be making money. Even though working may not seem like the most exciting summer activity, there are plenty of fun and interesting jobs available.

Many local community centers, such as the Jewish Community Center and Victory Ranch, hire teens to be lifeguards or even camp counselors The Jewish Community Center, Victory Ranch summer camp and the Kroc Center are a few organizations that offer employment to teens, while also enjoying some summer fun in the sun. These options offer exciting and lucrative alternatives to laying on the couch and binge watching Netflix.

Making money may not be a priority to some students, but building a better resume is something everyone should strive to do. Colleges like to see significant work experience. Websites, such as, make it easy for students to access a database of internships that offer this along with connections in different career fields.

Even Shelby County School Board offers a career-based summer internship program that allows students to experience different jobs. Although the deadline to apply has passed for this summer, you can always check back with your counselor next year to apply.

Another aspect colleges like to see is volunteer work. Whether it is an international mission trip or a campus clean up in a local community, finding opportunities to serve is just as easy as finding summer jobs. Not only will you obtain service hours, but you’ll also feel better about yourself for helping others.

Deciding your plans for summer break can be stressful and time-consuming, but jobs and service will benefit you later in life to. Rather than wasting your summer, be productive.