“All Downhill from There:” Lang’s Debut EP


Laura Lang

Laura Lang’s EP “All Downhill from There” features five tracks released on Jan. 12, 2022. The cover features an array of items varying from a lighter to dollar bills to a skeleton keychain, all symbolizing a moment in Lang’s life with deep meaning.

Little kids dream of being a lot of things when they grow up. Some want to be an astronaut. Some want to be a dancer. Some want to be an artist. Laura Lang (11) wanted to be a musician. As a junior in high school, Lang leaps into the music industry by releasing her debut EP (extended play).

“I hope that the people who hear it feel something and allow themselves to dance,” Lang, who uses she/they pronouns, said. “I want them to feel heard and related to.”

Lang began working on her EP in the fall of 2020. Almost a year later, she began recording. Totaling to five songs, this EP allows listeners to hear her perspective on life. The release date of the songs is Jan. 14, 2022, but Lang didn’t wait till mid-January to release all of it.

“I chose ‘Lithium’ as the [early release] single because it was the first one I wrote in 2020 and kind of kickstarted the idea of doing a full project,” Lang said.

“Lithium” released on Dec. 18, 2021, giving listeners a sneak-peak of what to expect from the rest of the emotion-filled songs coming out a month later. Friends described “Lithium” as happy yet sad — the lyrics are emotional, but the melody makes it hard to not dance.

“My first time listening, I thought it was really good,” Arianna Townley (12) said. “I was really stunned by the quality of the recording, and her voice is just so amazing. I was really stunned.”

Another track “Funny Feeling” released on Apple Music prior to the entire EP’s release date. Both this song and “Happiness” are Lang’s personal top two favorites. They encapsulate the purpose of her songwriting, and the drum lines in these tracks particularly make them stand out to Lang.

“I met Laura in choir,” Tessa Allen (11) said. “She’s in love with music. All she does is make songs. She’s always singing. She’s always playing on her instrument. She’s obsessed.”

Lang’s passion for music took away the nervousness one may have before putting their work out there for everyone to see. Seeing her name on music platforms excites her. From playing in front of live audiences at the Delta Fair to singing with friends, Lang has finally found a place for her voice on the internet forever.

“It’s been a real dream come true,” Lang said. “I can remember crying to my mom about how much I wanted this, and now I have it, and it feels great.”

Lang worked with producer Calvin Lauber, who also played the bass and drums in the EP. From the main chords to the lyrics to the song titles, Lang devoted time and effort into the creation of all her music. The titles are short but powerful; they are all one word besides “Funny Feeling.”

“Some of them are straightforward like ‘Rust,’ ‘Happiness’ and ‘Funny Feeling’ because they are prevalent words in the hook of the song,” Lang said. “But ‘Sunburn,’ ‘Lithium’ and the EP title itself were more challenging … I picked words and phrases that were personal and sounded cool.”

Twenty minutes long, with lots of anticipation from friends and supporters, “All Downhill from There” generates much anticipation as Lang’s debut EP. Many have experienced a difficult journey from the fall of 2020 to now, and this is Lang’s creative representation of her own experience.

“I was so excited for her, and I still am,” Allen said. “I hope she gets everything she’s dreamed of: being known and performing in front of lots of people. I know that means a lot to her.”