Spooky season in Memphis

The 60-degree weather and jack-o-lanterns covering front porches mean one thing: fall has arrived in Memphis, bringing a myriad of annual traditions. From family-friendly activities to heart-pounding thrillers, this season is not one to be overlooked. 

Second Baptist Pumpkin Patch

There’s no question that pumpkins are the biggest essential for fall decorations and fall-flavored treats. Only two minutes from White Station, Second Baptist Church offers a wide selection of pumpkins, chrysanthemums and food for those enjoying a day at their pumpkin patch. 

Second Baptist Church has held the pumpkin patch right in their front yard for over 15 years, providing East Memphis with a place for shopping, volunteering and fall fun. Sales run throughout the month of October from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily until Oct. 31. 

As you stroll through, you can see children lugging the largest pumpkin they could find, feel the odd textures as you run your fingers through the variety of gourds and even smell the crisp air mixed with pumpkin spice granola. 

Mid-South Haunted Corn Maze

A maze shaped as the Memphis skyline. Sounds inviting right? Well, those who enter are bound to be greeted by the rumble of chainsaws tailing them, and the screams of frightened teens a couple of yards away. 

Located at Agricenter International, the Haunted Corn Maze is open every Friday and Saturday at dusk until Halloween. Walking through the corn maze is a rite of passage for Memphians, even if it means getting lost in the tall stalks of corn.

Even before entering the many acres of corn, people dressed in haunting costumes are scattered around the lines, including an acrobatic blood-sucking vampire. But as you walk in, be prepared for jump scares from clowns, zombies and ghosts along with bloody scenes. 

Know your Memphis trivia? What street is the legendary Sun Studio located? How tall is the Memphis Pyramid? Answer questions about Memphis culture correctly to follow the path within the maze to the end. At the halfway point, there is an opportunity to leave, but those who want to brave the rest of the maze are highly welcome to.

Wicked Ways Haunted House

Flashing lights blind your eyes. Eerie music intermingling with screams of terror. People shoving you forward. And like a nightmare, out of the dark fog, a clown begins walking towards you, but there is nowhere to run.

Wicked Ways, an indoor haunted attraction, is filled with gruesome creatures and characters with a variety of scary scenes. The actors are filled with energy, making every scene very realistic. 

Surgeons bashing their patients’ heads, crucified farmers jumping out at you and demonic prisoners banging on cells are only a sample of what Wicked Ways is brimming with. 

Haunted houses have become a timeless Halloween tradition for those looking for a taste of horror. Many settings mirror horror movie scenes, giving their guests an unexpected fright. Gore, special effects and skilled actors produce the terror of these houses.