Boughter is the boss in new comeback single


Meredith Cline

The eccentric cover for “Boss” reflects the song’s bold and carefree message. Listeners can stream Boughter’s music on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music and find updates about the rapper on Instagram (@jonasbvalli).

Following a year-long hiatus, up-and-coming rapper Jonas Boughter (12) returns with his new single “Boss,” a composition that emboldens, inspires and intimidates its listeners all at once. 

“I felt like it was a very bold way to come back, especially because of the … aggressive beat,” Boughter said. “I definitely think people should listen to this and think, ‘I am the boss.’” 

Known as Jonas Valli on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music, “Boss” is the rapper’s second single released on all streaming platforms after “Capsized,” which has accumulated over 5,000 streams since September 2019. Like “Capsized,” “Boss” possesses an energetic sound and an audacious message – a defining style of Boughter’s that will mellow out with future releases. 

“[‘Boss’] is definitely more aggressive, while a lot of my music that’s about to come out is emotional; it’s singy,” Boughter said. “I’m trying to ease people back into my sound before I start throwing new things out at them.”

Ironically, the fiercely unapologetic song originated as a joke during a freestyle rap session. 

“I was freestyling as a joke with the words ‘I am a boss,’ and I said some really ridiculous things,” Boughter said. “Early this year, I revisited it because I liked the beat … I kept the beat and just put actual words over it.”

The result is a song bursting with unadulterated confidence.

“One of the things I love about rapping … is that I can get so braggadocious and confident in my music,” Boughter said. “This is a pure embodiment of that … I want you to have a good time listening to this song.”

Boughter’s recent comeback is just the first in a promising string of releases to come. To welcome the spring season, Boughter has composed a lively, electronic-style mixtape titled “Primavera.” Slated to release in early April on SoundCloud, the mixtape will be Boughter’s lengthiest and most cohesive project yet, containing eight songs with several overarching sounds and moods. 

“There are some songs that are very electronic, which is part of the inspiration for it. It’s very bright – some of the happiest music I’ve ever made – and a lot of these songs sound like spring,” Boughter said. 

To Boughter, aside from artistic expression, making music acts as an outlet for speaking his mind in a straightforward, stream-of-consciousness style. 

“I want you to hear what I’m going through, and I want you to hear what’s going on in my brain,” Boughter said. “It’s kind of a form of therapy for me … if I’m thinking about stuff and I don’t have anyone to talk about it with.”

The rapper’s music reflects not only his inner thoughts, but also his passion, something he has never doubted. 

“The only thing that’s really been solid in my whole life is that I’ve always wanted to make music,” Boughter said. “It was never really a question.”