2021 fashion trend predictions

Christian Vierig captured this photo for a street style expose in Yoyokulala magazine.

Christian Vierig/ Getty Images

Christian Vierig captured this photo for a street style expose in Yoyokulala magazine.

A new year not only brings about resolutions and change, but also new fashion trends. Every January, leading fashion sites, bloggers and brands make predictions of new styles that will hit the racks. 

Vintage Shoes 

New “old shoes” have been on the rise along with general interest in 18th-century fashion. Oxford heels, loafers and thick heeled pumps have been gaining popularity for their vintage appearances. As spring nears, shoes like these are bound to be part of the season’s trends.

“I think they are really cute,” Yupapone Phetsavong (10) said. “[Oxford heels] remind me of shoes that dolls would wear. I really like pairing them with a babydoll dress especially.”

Maxi Dresses and Long Skirts

YANNIS VLAMOS photographed this dress for a spring 2021 photoshoot with Giambattista Valli. (YANNIS VLAMOS)
This maxi dress was featured in the 2021 spring-summer Etro fashion show. (Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com)

The 1960s and the 2010s brought the fashion scene maxi dresses and long skirts. It is predicted that in the upcoming months these pieces will be around once again. Light, airy clothing is a great way to stay stylish yet cool in the warm months. Both items create an opportunity for a pop of color or pattern in a summer outfit. 

“Longer dresses are and have been making a huge comeback lately,” Presley Spiller (10) said. “Especially ones with floral patterns or lace as well as skirts. Why does our generation love the cottage core vibe so much? Honestly, I feel like it has to do with our lack of having a peaceful childhood, so we are trying to reclaim those feelings of tradition and peace with clothing.”

Peter Pan Collars

Christian Vierig captured this photo for a street style expose in Yoyokulala magazine. (Christian Vierig/ Getty Images)

Peter pan collars were a staple fashion item on Tumblr in 2016. Today, they are reappearing on the runways. These decorative collars add elegance to scoop neck dresses and tops. 

“Peter pan collars are honestly really classy,” Naisha Panjwani (11) said. “They give a really polished and almost vintage look [to outfits].”

Wide-Legged Pants

This outfit was seen in the Spring 2021 Louis Vuitton runway show. (Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com)

“I love wide-leg pants so much,” Phetsavong said. “I’ve gotten rid of so many tight pants in my closet and started buying lots of wide-leg pants. I prefer these because I don’t have to squeeze into them. I own some satin wide-leg pants and they go with everything and are comfortable to wear [in] bed.”

Wide-legged pants are a new obsession for fashion addicts. These baggy yet stylish bottoms are opening up a whole new world for comfort and flare, and are a great way to spice up an outfit.

“Emma Chamberlain sparked the flare yoga pant trend, and I am so glad she did,” Spiller said. “I used to make fun of my mom [for] wearing them, but now I find myself stealing them…they pair excellently with a sweatshirt or a crew neck.”

Two-tone clothing 

Split tone pieces have been on the rise in the past months. Shirts, pants, jackets and many more garments with two-tone palettes add a bold color pop to mundane outfits. 

“I have yet to get into two-tone pieces, but I have been seeing it more often with blazers and pants, which I think does [create]  a sophisticated but fun look,” Panjwani said.


Period films and shows such as “Bridgerton” and  “Pride and Prejudice” have had an influence on recent fashion trends. The once intimate corset is now being worn alone and layered over shirts and dresses. Corsets and other regency fashions have been extremely popular in the last four months and are often incorporated for a timeless feel. 

“I never would have thought corsets would become such a big deal, for they have always been hidden because they are so intimate and were worn under dresses so long ago,” Spiller said ”But I have really grown to like them. They look amazing with a big bomber jacket and jeans.”

Spartan Predictions

No matter what trends are in 2021, fashion is specific to everyone. Style is simply a way to express yourself in a creative manner.

“I think billowing sleeves are gaining some traction, they fit right into the whole vintage and mystical vibe of the newer trends,” Panjwani said. “But also, with quarantine and all, people are more into the ideas of dressing how they want and [having more]  artistic expression, so I think there will be a lot more statement pieces and variety this year.”