Students enter a shoe design competition


The picture shows some examples of previous shoes designed from the Cornell Shoe Design Competition.


Students at White Station High School have been offered an opportunity to compete in a shoe design competition. The competition is hosted by Cornell University to let students get a chance at Fashion Design at a college level.

Maridee Cornell, a science teacher, is the sponsor for the competition at White Station High School.

“The students get a chance to show their skills and artistic side for a national competition,” Cornell said.

Each year, there is a theme for the competition for the shoe designs. For the 2019-2020 year, the challenge or theme was “Elements of Nature.”

According to the instructions on Cornell University’s website, the theme is supposed to describe the “interactions and relationships in our world based on the fundamental elements in nature.”

The shoe that the students’ design has to provide a “broad template by organizing occurrences in five main patterns, or phases.

Destiny Street (10) is entering the competition because she likes to draw and would like to compete to learn more in fashion and design.

“I’m glad that I’m getting a chance to show professionals my skills while doing something that I love,” Street said. “I hope that they get to see my artistic side.”

Many students are working on their designing and are putting the hard work into making their own kind of shoe made and designed by them. The due date for entries will be due later in January and the winner will be announced and notified in February.