Keyonna Moore signs to play volleyball at Berea College


Alice Willard

With her coach on her right and her mother on her left, Moore signs the official papers, securing her future as a Mountaineer. She will trade in her number 25 jersey for a new one in Berea’s blue and white colors

Surrounded by the support of her family, friends and coaches, senior Keyonna Moore officially signs with Berea College on Dec. 13. The aspiring athlete now has the opportunity to continue her volleyball and academic careers at in Berea, KY and push herself further. 

“I thought the signing was a real eye opener to looking forward to college,” Gabrielle Byrd (11) said. “It helped me think about what I need to do beforehand, and what things need to happen to go to college for volleyball or just college in general.”

Moore gave a speech, in addition to her mother and coach, addressing her time at White Station High and Middle. She thanked her family, coaches and other supporters for their encouragement and words of encouragement throughout her journey.

“My favorite part was talking and taking pictures with my teammates. Seeing all the proud faces and smiles really made me feel loved and accomplished,” Moore said.

The signing was also a unique experience for Moore’s teammates. She is the first volleyball player from the class of 2020 to officially sign to a college.

“I thought the signing was very interesting. It helped me learn how special it is for the athlete and family,” Danielle Byrd (11) said. “It let me know that college is coming soon and that I need to get ready for it by preparing myself.”

After playing both competitive and school volleyball for over seven years, Moore’s experience opened her opportunities to go further into competitive college volleyball. While her lengthy background in the sport in part contributed to her success in receiving a full ride from Berea College, Moore’s accumulated leadership,  skills and determination have paved the way for her own accomplishments.

“I’m excited to experience a new level of adulthood,” Moore said. “I feel like I have been well equipped to handle the challenges that come with college life, and I want to make my family proud by living up to their expectations.”