Athletes to watch for the spring season


Graham Ross

Knox Broach (12) warms up before baseball practice begins. Broach makes his return this season after missing the past 2 seasons due to injury.

With the spring sports season right around the corner, athletes Knox Broach (12), Shamari Covington (10) and Cassidy Jones (10) are poised for a breakout season.

Broach is returning to baseball after a herniated disk injury left him sidelined for the past two seasons.

“I’ve always played and [baseball] has always been a part of my life, and I felt like it was all taken away from me,” Broach said. “I’ve grown a lot from it, for sure. I’ve had to overcome a lot.”

Although his hopes to play in college were squashed due to his injury, his passion for baseball has motivated him to come back for his senior year.

“It’s good to have a leader that just plays because he loves it,” Head Coach Wade Walter said. “It’s good for his teammates to see he’s playing because he loves the game.”

After placing third in the state track meet last season, Covington is ready to improve his speed.

“I’m more focused on stretching, eating right and taking care of my body,” Covington said.

Covington enjoys the individuality of the sport. He started running in the 8th grade at White Station Middle School, and he’s been hooked since then.

“It’s like you’re free and there’s no worry of anything,” Covington said. “All you’re doing is focusing on your race.”

With 73 goals and 36 assists, Jones earned an all-region lacrosse nomination last year. 

“I think lacrosse is the best sport here,” Jones said. “It’s super fun and it’s super energetic and upbeat. A lot of people don’t know about it, and they don’t know the rules, so I feel like if more people came to the games, the players would be more motivated.”

She not only plays for White Station, but she also plays for 4 other teams. She practices every day to improve her game.

“I think that you haven’t really seen as good as she can be yet,” Head Coach Todd Jones said. “I think we just barely scratched the surface. If she continues to develop like she is, the sky’s the limit.”