Frozen II Review


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Frozen II debuted Nov. 22, 2019. It has grossed just south of $580 million since its release.

Just when you were ready to let it go, Frozen is back. No matter your age, this sequel should excite all of its viewers, particularly Olaf fans. 

Often, sequels lack what made the previous movie special, underwhelming their audiences. But as a critic/fan of all Disney movies, I can attest to the success of Frozen II

Although I had not seen the first movie since my fifth grade year, Olaf gave a silly, surprisingly detailed recap of Frozen in an attempt to explain to strangers where he, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven had come from. Not only did Olaf remind me of what I saw in 2013, but he made other audience members and me chuckle at his absurd one-liners and talented singing. 

Clearly, Olaf can carry a movie with his amusing demeanor, but to make Frozen II successful, the directors had to create another unpredictable, captivating plot, while incorporating character development. Wisely, the sequel picked up where Frozen left off and looked to explain the unknown past of Elsa and Anna’s dead parents and its impact on their kingdom of Arendelle. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Frozen II. Its playful humor and dynamic characters paved the way for a successful sequel. As shown in this movie, the creators at Disney continuously excel at creating a memorable family night.