National Honors Society 2019 gets the ball rolling

The school season has begun, and so has the season of community service and high academics—at least for the select students who were inducted into White Station’s National Honors Society chapter. The group, mostly consisting of seniors, is just getting started on all the community service and academics required for them to be an official National Honors Society graduate.

Last week, students turned in their first round of community service hours, which were collected over the summer, to chapter sponsor Mr. Robbins. They also filled out information to be held on record for the purpose of announcements for the remainder of the year.

Students also have elected NHS officers: Kelly Williams (12) as President, Justin Kouch as Vice President (12),  Jayden James (12), Catherine Hu (12), Jie Wang (12), and Isabella Gadberry (12). This group will be responsible for running meetings, collecting volunteer hours, and setting up semester service projects.

The year is just getting started, and it looks like National Honors Society students will be busy earning their stoles for graduation.