Sparta Celebrates Black History Month


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History is written by the people with power, so students must recognize that American history is more than the white history taught in a history class. Students assembled in the auditorium on Thursday, February 28th for the annual Black HIstory Month program which featured speeches, skits and musical performances from students and teachers to highlight Black history.

The Pan African and Cultural Studies Club gives minority students the opportunity to explore different cultures and discuss relevant issues in today’s society. One of the main club activities is organizing the Black History Month program each year. Kiarston Blackman (11) acted as student director of the program because of her president position in the Pan African club.

“It took a lot of hard work and dedication from all the students involved,” said Blackman.

The club president was also a host, actress and backstage manager for the Black History Month program. Like all the participants, she wanted to showcase the excellence and history of the African-American culture.

“It gives me joy to see so many different people engaged and responsive [to] our culture in a positive manner,” explained Blackman.

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